Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will work with you to achieve your satisfaction or will provide a full refund (subject to terms and conditions).


Karura encourages comparison to other products. Compare Karura cases to other flight cases at similar price points – you will find no comparison:


Each Karura case is built with care by hand by technicians with over 10 years’ experience at Karura. We know the names of every customer doing business with us. Karura cases are built in a workshop, not stamped out in a factory in a factory.

Karura cares about protecting your instrument. Every Karura case customized to your specifications. Each cases is laid up and vacuum infused by skilled technicians. Shells are hand polished before installing hardware and an interior/suspension system built specifically to fit your guitar and color choices.


Unique Cored Composite Shells

Karura case shells are by far the best on the market.

Competitor flight case shells are simple layered plastic infused fiberglass or carbon fiber which flex easily – unable to withstand significant compressive stress.

Built To Protect For a Lifetime

Karura uses the finest quality hardware and materials to insure your case will last a lifetime. Finally, Karura cases are hand crafted; custom fit and beautifully finished providing you with a case as beautiful and unique as your instrument.


Karura cases use the finest quality hardware available. We expect our hardware to last a lifetime. Each case features the Karura premium hardware package


Karura Cases have been rigorously tested to insure our product designs provide the maximum protection possible to your valued instrument. Each shell design is proven by the following:

Karura case designs have been laboratory certified to withstand over 1000 kg (2200 lbs.) over one ton!) of compression without structural failure or permanent deformation. Very low deflection even under these extreme loads prevents your guitars from being crushed when packed under heavy loads.

Karura has completed extensive controlled drop testing on its case designs to that the Karura case shell and suspension system protect the instrument from extreme mishandling. During each drop test, a single case (and instrument) is dropped from 16 different orientations (all major axes plus the 45s) from a height two meters (6.5 Feet) onto a concrete floor. At the conclusion of this these tests, there was no damage to any of the instruments.

Department of Science Test Results – click to enlarge


Test results for other case configurations are on file at Karura

Karura’s suspension system was designed in cooperation with world renowned luthiers. It has been proven by world travelers and by extensive well documented drop testing. The high performance suspension system is beautifully hand finished with low pile crushed velvet. The standard velvet color is raspberry red with a white embroidered Karura logo. For custom cases, a large variety of velvet and embroidery colors are also available. Karura can also embroider your personal logo or name on the lid interior.