“I love the Karura Case; lightweight and most importantly very protective in air travel of that which I can`t replace; my 1989 Jeffrey Elliott.”

– Scott Kritzer

“In the forty five years that I`ve been playing the guitar, I`ve used almost every kind of guitar case. The Karura case is by far the best ever. It is the only flight case I`ve ever owned that totally protects the guitar and its peghead while allowing enough storage space inside for accessories. And best of all, it`s light enough to carry through airports without hurting my hands . Totally brilliant design!”

– Al Petteway

“Karura Cases are absolutely brilliant! I have traveled around the world on all sorts of airlines without fearing for the safety of my guitar! There has never been a problem with it and it is amazing light for its protection! Highly recommended! (They look great too!)”

– Matt Withers

“Superb case, on my first three international trips. It flawlessly protected my principle instrument, a custom built jumbo baritone guitar. I love the hardware. Simple to use, and seems to be designed not to open accidentally, and to avoid `snagging` during airline baggage handling. It`s a beautiful case. I love it.”

– Catherine Maguire

“Best In class – It gives me peace of mind when I travel or store my instrument. Ligher than I expected for this level of protection. Beautiful elegant finish”

-Bruno Junt

“These cases are bomb-proof. When I fly with my guitar, I never worry about damage, even when I am forced to gate check it. One time I got my guitar back and the case cover was all torn up and broken, like somebody dropped it out of a moving truck. But when I took off the cover and opened the Sentinel, my guitar was completely unharmed. Thanks Karura for the peace of mind!”

– Jacob Dewhirst

“I tour constantly – 100+ dates a year, all over the world. I own a lot of guitars, and a lot of cases. Substantial amounts of Mark Leaf and Calton cases. The Karura is beyond doubt best in class – lightweight, sturdy, and holding up well after 12 weeks on tour. Since the airlines don`t care about doing minor damage to hinges, handles, and latches, I bought two Colorado Case covers for the extra protection. But they`re really not necessary”

– Janis Ian

“I own two Karura carbon fiber cases. They are the sturdiest/stiffest of all the high-end cases, offering the most protection possible, and yet remain the lightest of the group. I give Karura cases my highest recommendation, and do so by using them with my custom handcrafted guitars.”

– Larry Pattis

“The Karura flight cases are extremely durable and of excellent quality. They are light and handy as well as tightly sealed. An exact customization combined with proficient customer service ensures the perfect fit for each instrument. An absolute must for any musician who wants to provide the best protection for his/her instrument.”

– Kaltchev Guitar Duo

“Great look and maximum protection!”

– Jan Erler