Professional musicians worldwide rely on Karura daily to protect their guitar from damage, heat, moisture, and dust while flying to international concert halls or road-tripping from city to city.

Unsurpassed Strength to Weight

Karura cases offer unsurpassed strength to weight ratios. No other case comes close. Detailed strength and weight data is provided below:

Karura Cases have been rigorously tested

Each case design has passed the extreme test program summarized below. No other flight case on the market can come close to passing these tests.

Karura case designs have been laboratory certified to withstand over 1000 kg (2200 lbs) over one ton!) of compression without structural failure or permanent deformation. Very low deflection even under these extreme loads prevents your guitars from being crushed when packed under heavy loads.

Karura has completed extensive controlled drop testing on its case designs to that the Karura case shell and suspension system protect the instrument from extreme mishandling. During each drop test, a single case (and instrument) is dropped from 16 different orientations (all major axes plus the 45s) from a height two meters (6.5 Feet) onto a concrete floor. At the conclusion of this these tests, there was no damage to any of the instruments.

Department of Science Test Results – click to enlarge


Shell Construction – carbon fiber (CF) composite

Karura cases shells are unique to the industry. No competitor is building shells with a similar construction. Karura’s unparalleled strength and insulation characteristics result from our unique reinforced foam core composite construction.

Karura composite cases are constructed from multiple layers of aerospace quality carbon fiber cloth encasing a foam core.

The addition of core material significantly increases the strength of our shells. Think of the strength difference between a steel plate and a steel I-beam. The core materials provide a similar increase in strength. The core material also dissipates impact energy. It will deform under extreme pressure loads (much like the foam in a motorcycle helmet).

Finally, the core materials provide a barrier against conductive heat transfer, insulating the guitar from drastic changes in temperature. Karura uses the most expensive construction, but it produces an extremely protective, light weight case shell.

Our competitors “flight” cases are made from fiberglass (extremely heavy) or they are made from a simple arrangement of impregnated carbon or other fiber material which is easily crushed; offering very little protection for the guitar. Karura builds flight cases which offer unequaled protection at the lowest possible weight.

The standard finish is a color infused gelcoat which comes in clear (showing carbon fiber underneath), black and white. The standard finish is a molded and polished to produce a smooth lustrous finish.

Shell Construction – carbon/basalt fiber (CBF) composite

Construction of CBF cases is identical to that of our CF flight cases except that some carbon fiber content is replaced by basalt fiber. Basalt fiber is not yet well known among the general public but it provides excellent strength to weight properties (similar to carbon fiber and much better than fiberglass or unreinforced plastics). This construction provides our customers with a less expensive flight case alternative. The CBF flight cases survived the extreme 1000 Kg load test and the drop test without damage to the instruments. CBF flight cases weigh slightly more than the carbon fiber cases (see table below) but deliver unsurpassed protection at a light weight.

Should you choose Carbon Fiber (CF) or Basalt/Carbon (CBF) Fiber Reinforcement?

All Karura cases are available in two different constructions: Both case constructions are fully tested providing the world’s the world’s strongest shell at a reasonable weight. Both Karura case shells are far stronger than plastic, simple carbon fiber composite and fiberglass shells. Both configurations are significantly lighter than comparable fiberglass flight cases. You may choose the construction most suited to your needs:

1) 100% carbon fiber reinforced composite (CF)

2) Carbon/Basalt reinforced composite. (CBF)

The CF case line is our premium offering. The BCS composite cases were developed for customers willing to sacrifice some strength and weight. CBF cases generally weigh slightly more (see table below) more and demonstrated slightly more deflection under the 1000 Kg. (2200 lb.) load test

Both cases weigh significantly less than popular fiberglass cases (approximately 40% less).
Both are significantly stronger in compression than fiberglass or simple lightweight carbon fiber cases. CF and CBF reinforced constructions are identical with the exception that one uses 100% carbon fiber as reinforcement material and the other uses a combination of Basalt fiber/carbon fiber reinforcement.

Interior and Suspension System:

Karura’s suspension system was designed in cooperation with world renowned luthiers. It has been proven by world travelers and by extensive well documented drop testing. The high performance suspension system is beautifully hand finished with low pile crushed velvet. The standard velvet color is raspberry red with a white embroidered Karura logo. For custom cases, a large variety of velvet and embroidery colors are also available. Karura can also embroider your personal logo or name on the lid interior.


Karura has designed processes like those employed in the aerospace industry to minimize variation and defects. Our team uses exacting processes coupled with attention to detail to ensure consistent performance and quality.

Hardware and Seal

Karura hardware is engineered and built to last a lifetime. All Karura cases feature:

  • Heavy duty butterfly latches
  • Latch accommodates TSA approved lock
  • Stainless steel latches, rivets, D-rings, and handle rings
  • Self supporting case hinges (no straps required)
  • Handmade leather handle
  • Stainless steel plate reinforcement in composite (all hardware attach points)
  • Unique interlocking rubber seal
Weight Specifications

The table below shows provides historically average weight data for both the carbon fiber (CF) and Carbon/Basalt Fiber CBF case configurations.


General fit interior dimensions

There are many subtle differences in body shape and configuration of musical instruments. For this reason, Karura does not guarantee general fit guitar interiors. Cases with general fit interiors include a set of 4 interior fabric matching covered filler pads which may be used to fill in excess space between the guitar case side padding and the guitar.

When ordering a general fit case interior, insure that you review the dimensions provided in the general fit interior dimensions table below to insure that your instrument does not exceed any of the dimensions specified by more than 3.0 mm (0.12 in.) and your instrument upper lower and lower bout dimensions are not more than 16.0 mm (0.6 in) smaller than the dimension specified.

Dimensions of instruments used to fit general fit case interiors


Custom interior maximum dimensions

If you are ordering either a custom fit or deluxe custom fit flight case, Karura will custom fit the interior of your custom flight case based on information that you provide. During the checkout process, you will be provided with links to instructions to obtain and supply the information to Karura necessary to custom fit your case. Before ordering, please check your guitar to insure that your guitar dimensions do not exceed the dimensions below. Karura guarantees the fit of our custom fit cases provided you provide a set of dimensions and a body tracing.

Maximum instrument dimensions for custom fit cases:


* Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.