Shipping Charges

All products are delivered Freight on Board (F O B) Bangkok Thailand. In other words, we deliver to the freight company that you choose in Bangkok.

will charge you and prepay shipping for you. Karura does not charge a handling fee or mark up shipping costs. Karura charges you the exact cost that we pay to ship to you. Shipping costs vary some due to currency conversion. (We pay shipping fees in Thai Baht and charge you shipping fees in US dollars).

Ultimately you shall be responsible for shipping loss or damage. If contact with the shipper is in Thailand, Karura will do our best to work on your behalf.

Carrier Provided Shipping Insurance

Karura recommends that customer insure their case purchase against loss or damage in transit. Approximately 2% of cases are lost or damaged in transit to the customer.

The customer may purchase insurance from the shipping carrier. In case of loss or damage to cases covered by carrier insurance, customer is responsible for pursuing compensation from the carrier. Carrier provided shipping insurance is available for most carriers with the exception of parcel post shipment.

Karura Provided Shipping Insurance

It is not possible to purchase carrier provided insurance for cases shipped parcel post. for cases. Because of this, Karura offers our privately funded insurance package If you purchase Karura’s insurance you receive the following benefits:

Cosmetic Dents dents less than 1.5 (3.8 cm) in in length or width and less than 7mm deep Benefit – $50 per dent

Cosmetic damage is defined as visible damage to the surface of the case or limited damage to the outer layer of composite which does not affect the ability of the case to properly protect the instrument.


Maximum compensation will not exceed the original purchase price of the case lost (including prepaid shipping)

Maximum compensation for all cosmetic camage in case of multiple elements of damage -=$ 300