Karura is an American owned and operated company. Established near the turn of the last century, the KARURA Case Company is guided by a single purpose: to create the most trusted and useful travel cases and accessories for today’s touring musicians.

To achieve this goal, KARURA continually consults with renowned luthiers and professional musicians to enhance the development of its products. Our customers continually provide invaluable input to the development of the original Musician’s Flight Case™.

Karura is committed to enhancing the lives of its customers by delivering innovation, and value and its employees by providing safe, enjoyable and stable careers.

Built in KARURA’s modest, yet state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand, the company’s instrument cases blend the fine touch of hand-craftsmanship with the extraordinary material qualities of carbon fiber. Utilizing recent discoveries in the treatment of carbon, the billion year old building block of our organic world, KARURA designs guitar cases of unparalleled strength, elegance, and lightness that protect both the instrument and give the musician peace of mind. The company’s strategic location in one of Asia’s leading business and concert hubs allows it to conveniently serve a worldwide customer base of guitar players from all genres.

KARURA’s daily operations are directed by its owner David Foreman, an experienced mechanical engineer and MBA whose technical background is complemented by a family-nurtured, appreciation for music and performance. After over 20 years in the aerospace industry, David focused his technical and business skills on the music industry by building the world’s best protection for musical instruments. Under David’s direction, the company is committed to delivering the best musical transport cases and accessories; unsurpassed in strength, design, and quality. KARURA leads the way in protecting the instruments of today’s professional touring musicians.